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Feed your skin with the daily diet of fresh fruit and veggies.

Make your day bright and clear. Just like our body needs nutrition to survive, same way our skin needs certain nutrients to be healthy and glowing. Our skin is the victim of poor lifestyle, pollution, stress most of the times. Many other factors affect the natural texture and quality of our skin. Now is the time when the nutritional benefits of your favorite fruit or veggie give therapy to your skin. The natural exfoliating agent sloughs off the dead skin cells and reveals your naturally glowing complexion. It’s just like a balanced diet created for your skin replenishment. Splash some strawberry, cranberry or blueberry on your face and lift the tone of your skin naturally. We are known to the fact, how important fruits and vegetables are for our skin. With Dr Juice range, enjoy their healthy extracts.

Beauty Relay brings you an entire new range- Dr Juice, based on the nutrients of fruits and veggies. Formulated wisely as per the requirement of one’s skin, Dr Juice skincare range will leave your skin feeling healthy and balanced with that fresh, juicy glow. Each combination has its own significance that makes it stand different as well as unique. Made with extreme care and a requirement to meet, Dr Juice range is free from harmful chemicals.

The range offers Face and Body Washes for better nourishment and care. Products are designed in different combinations of fruits and veggies. Dr Juice skincare range will definitely comfort your skin bringing back its glow naturally. It is one of the best ranges of Beauty Relay as it has essential nutrients for your skincare. The gentle yet powerful cleansing action of the Face and Body Wash removes dirt, makeup residues, and toxins from the skin, unclogs the pores and refreshes the skin. The natural exfoliating agent sloughs off the dead skin cells and reveals your naturally glowing complexion. Antioxidants present in the products help to neutralize the free radicals and restore the skin to its healthy state. Dr Juice range is recommended for all skin types for daily use.

We promise, once you use either of the products out of the entire range, you will want to cling to it forever. The product speaks for itself. The juicy fruits and healthy vegetables are now here to nourish your skin in and out. Time is passing by. Wait is over. What you always wanted is now here. Dr Juice range will take care of your skin completely.